Dothan Rotary Club

What is Love Dothan?

Love Dothan is a city campaign designed to help local residents enjoy living in our town, this campaign focuses on making Dothan, Alabama a place we’ll be even prouder to call home. Participants have excitedly made improvements over the past few months, but they’re not stopping now!

The main goal of this campaign is to make our city the best place it can possibly be. From improving its strengths to revamping areas that need a little extra TLC, it aims to enhance our wonderful hometown.

Dothan Rotary's Involvement

Dothan Rotary members participate in the Love Dothan program. Love Dothan is a community campaign that focuses on the local community and enhancing their quality of life. Members come together to work on the Love Your Neighbor project which involved helping with yard work for members of our community who needed an extra hand. With similar goals of serving the community, Rotary looks forward to participating in the Love Dothan campaign in the future.

See below some pictures from the latest event: