50+ Year Members

Dothan Rotary

Dothan Rotary Club recognizes  members who have been active in Dothan Rotary for over 50 years.
A plaque with the names of the Rotarians serving over 50 years in the Dothan Rotary Club was placed in the entrance of Rotary Hall.
While we can't put a number on the lives that have been impacted by their efforts, we know that lives have been changed families have benefited, and we have benefited because of their Service Above Self.

Leslie Blumberg joined Dothan Rotary January 1, 1962. Mr. Blumberg was sponsored by his father.

Ed Malone joined Dothan Rotary June 1, 1964. His was sponsored by his father. His grandfather was also a Rotarian.

Sam Wainwright joined Dothan Rotary Jan 1, 1963

Ed Marblestone joined Rotary January 31, 1972
Tom West joined Dothan Rotary June 1, 1966