Upcoming Events

01/10/2022 - Upcoming Events
Invocation: Seth Brooks
Introduction of Guest: Michael Maddox
Greeter: Tom Sorrells
Camp ASCCA: Darryl Roberts

Proposed Member
Blake Hurst...
By: Blake Hurst

Proposed by: Greg Hendrix
Classification: Financial Planning
Occupation: Northwestern Mutual
Job Title: Financial Advisor/Planner
Education: UA (Tuscaloosa) Mechanical Engineer
Spouse: Karis Hurst
Children: Hudson Parker Baylor
Place of worship: Dothan 1st
Hobbies: Water Sports, Hunting

Blake Hurst will be eligible for membership on 01/10/2022 if no objections are received.

Dothan Rotary Club Meeting, January 10, 2022
By: Sheila Azar

The first Dothan Rotary Club meeting of 2022 will be at Rotary Hall on Monday, January 10th. The speaker is Marcus Hall who will be bringing a message about stewardship and giving back through all of our gifts – money, time, knowledge, and relationships. Marcus has written a book: Pursuing Spiritual Wealth: 40 Principles That Make Your Life Richer.
Please click here to be directed to the Dothan Rotary Club YouTube Channel and then click on the Subscribe button to subscribe.Take a moment to read The Official Newsletter of District 6880 by clicking on this link: Rotary Review December 2021.
The 2022 Rotary District Midyear Conference will be held in Rotary Hall on Friday, January 21st beginning at 12:45 PM. The afternoon sessions will consist of topics for Rotarians and guests. Social begins at 6:00 PM and Dinner at 6:30 PM. Saturday morning general sessions begin at 8:30 AM and conclude at 12:00 PM. Register at: https://link.edgepilot.com/s/043beafa/G9KHsS1I00eVvbMQv3EFXg?u=http://www.district6880.org/Help Rotary raise a minimum of $10,300 by pre ordering an Alabama Rotary Specialty License Plate. The State of Alabama Motor Vehicle Division requires the pre sale of at least 250 Rotary specialty license plates to begin manufacturing the actual new metal auto plates. Click here to get started.Join us in Rotary Hall or join via Zoom using this link:
Meeting ID: 821 7753 4867

Birthday List

Jan-11...Tim McCraney
Jan-14...Bill Shealy
Jan-16...Heather Frith
Jan-18...Robby Thomas, Donald Valenza
Jan-19...Mike Azar
Jan-20...Stanley Jones, Trey Michael
Jan-22...Chris Lasseter
Jan-26...Jim Whaley
Jan-29...Adam Roberson
Jan-31...Willis Smitherman
Feb-02...Adam Hall
Feb-03...Bob Rudder
Feb-05...Cameron Good
Feb-07...Phillip Gilley

Anniversary List

Jan-11...Trey Michael
Jan-13...Kevin Horne
Jan-17...Les Moreland
Jan-23...Tim Shirley
Jan-25...James Etheredge, Chris Harrelson
Jan-26...Michael Threatt
Feb-03...Robert Byrd