Upcoming Events

08/30/2021 - DRC Meeting - Starla Moss / William Holman - Botanical Gardens

09/06/2021 - DRC No Meeting today - Observe Labor Day

09/13/2021 - DRC Meeting - Melanie Hill - WPW and WOW Varsity

09/13/2021 - DRC Board Meeting
Meet in WRC Board Room

09/11/2021 - John Jam at the Plant

09/20/2021 - Melissa Kirkland

09/01/2021 - Monthly Theme is Basic Education & Literacy

Proposed Member
Chris Judah...
By: Chris Judah

Proposed by: Wayne Palmer
Classification: Government
Occupation: Dothan-Houston County EMA
Job Title: Director
Education: ESJC Wallace University of Alabama Human Health Science
Place of worship: Presbyterian
Hobbies: Beach, Tennis, Family

Chris Judah will be eligible for membership on 09/13/2021 if no objections are received.

Proposed Member
Stan Sessions...
By: Stan Sessions

Proposed by: Les Pinckard
Classification: Banking
Occupation: Five Star Credit Union
Job Title: Commercial Lender
Education: The University of Alabama Troy AUM BA Banking/Finance
Children: Heather Marie Sessions
Place of worship: Christian
Hobbies: Guitar, Bird Dog Training, Real Estate

Stan Sessions will be eligible for membership on 09/13/2021 if no objections are received.

David Hanks Paul Harris Fellow Plus 7
By: Sheila Azar

David Hanks was presented a Paul Harris +7 pin at our Rotary meeting, August 23, 2021. David is a Past President of the Dothan Rotary Club and continues to Serve to Change Lives. Contributions like this are significant because they make a world of difference to the men, women, and children whose lives are changed by the work of the Rotary Foundation. David continues to put Service Above Self.

Anniversary List

Aug-31...Donna Thomley
Sep-03...Kelley Massingill
Sep-06...Joseph Johnson
Sep-13...Bob Caputo, Tanner Shelley
Sep-15...Phil Hardy
Sep-17...Lynn Miley
Sep-18...Patrick Jones
Sep-19...Paul Lee
Sep-21...Troy Fountain, Phillip Gilley
Sep-26...Art Morris

Birthday List

Sep-02...Adam Williams
Sep-03...Greg Hendrix
Sep-04...Phil Hardy, Rosemary McKibben
Sep-05...Jerry Adkinson, Chris Pruitt
Sep-09...Cal Whaley
Sep-13...Greg Gregory
Sep-15...Sheila Azar
Sep-16...Mary Beth Maddox
Sep-21...Cynthia Green
Sep-22...Darryl Roberts
Sep-24...Patrick Jones, Ryan Richards
Sep-27...Archie Solomon