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06/21/2021 - Upcoming Events
No Rotary Meeting Today

06/25/2021 - Upcoming Events
Rotary District Governor, Bruce McNeal’s, Installation Ceremony at WRC

Proposed Member
Ryland Everett...
By: Ryland Everett

Proposed by: Tanner Shelley
Classification: Property Management
Occupation: Grand Villa Corp
Job Title: Self-Employed
Education: Alabama Marketing and Management
Spouse: Megan McNab
Place of worship: First Baptist Church Dothan

Ryland Everett will be eligible for membership on 05/10/2021 if no objections are received.

Joined Member
Cameron Good...
By: Cameron Good

Joined: 06/07/2021
Proposed by: Wes Grant
Classification: Construction
Occupation: Covenant Steel
Job Title: Estimator
Education: Auburn University Building Science
Place of worship: First Baptist Church Dothan
Hobbies: Fitness

Joined Member
Katherine Mele...
By: Katherine Mele

Joined: 06/07/2021
Proposed by: Mary Beth Maddox
Classification: Human Resources
Occupation: PRemployer
Job Title: Administrative Services Specialist
Education: Troy University Graduate Dec 2019 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with Concentration in Human Resource Management
Place of worship: Covenant United Methodist
Hobbies: Love to Travel, Learning to cook, Lake Life, Community Involvement, Singing

Joined Member
Andrew Davitz...
By: Andrew Davitz

Joined: 06/14/2021
Proposed by: Phillip Gilley
Classification: General
Occupation: Ioux, LLC
Job Title: Service Desk Analyst
Education: Huntingdon College (08-13) Trenholm State CC (18-19) BA Christian Education AS Computer Info Systems
Spouse: Sarah Beth Davitz
Hobbies: Golf, Cooking, Camping, Movies

Joined Member
Dennis Coe...
By: Dennis Coe

Joined: 06/07/2021
Proposed by: Dell Goodwin
Classification: Education
Occupation: Dothan City Schools
Job Title: Superintendent
Education: Troy State University, Wallace College, Alabama State University AA-Wallace College BS Science-Troy State MS Science-TSUD Doctorate-AL State
Spouse: Dede Crews Coe
Children: Matt Fair - Deceased Jenna Mead
Place of worship: Baptist
Hobbies: Fishing, Golf, Hunting

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