Upcoming Events

03/15/2021 - Upcoming Events
Program: Dr. Dee Dupree Bennett.Her presentation will introduce us to “SHORT the SQUIRREL”.SHORT the SQUIRREL is an interactive program designed to engage our youngest visitors to Alabama courtrooms, medical facilities and other community entities
Invocation: Les Moreland
Introduction of Guest: Darryl Roberts
Greeter: Donna Clemmons
Camp ASCCA: Deanne Jones

Proposed Member
Troy Fountain...
By: Troy Fountain

Proposed by: Jack Collier
Classification: Non-profit
Occupation: Wiregrass Foundation
Job Title: President
Education: University of Alabama Dallas Theological Seminary B.S. Education M.A. Biblical Studies
Spouse: Stacy
Children: Kate, Mary Dean, Bess, Edward
Place of worship: Wiregrass Church
Hobbies: Family, Home Projects, Outdoors, Golf

Troy Fountain will be eligible for membership on 03/08/2021 if no objections are received.

Proposed Member
Lawrence Johnson...
By: Lawrence Johnson

Proposed by: Joseph Johnson
Classification: Banking
Occupation: Friend Bank
Job Title: Small Business Loan Officer
Education: University of Alabama Bachelors and Masters of Accountancy
Spouse: Kendall Sellers Johnson
Hobbies: Outdoors, Travel, Sports

Lawrence Johnson will be eligible for membership on 03/29/2021 if no objections are received.

Anniversary List

Mar-17...John Gormley
Mar-25...Deanne Jones
Mar-26...Jack Sasser
Mar-27...Roy Fabbrini
Apr-05...Jed Downs, Dale Sanders
Apr-06...Dean Mitchell
Apr-09...Josh Chapman, Jim Matheny

Birthday List

Mar-20...Bill Castlen
Mar-22...Neil Simmons
Mar-25...Lit Flowers
Apr-10...Tim Shirley
Apr-12...R. Mark Smith
Apr-14...Donna Clemmons