Upcoming Events
By: Margaret Futch

06/24/2024 - Dothan Rotary Club Meeting
Program: Josh's Swan Song
Invocation: Darryl Roberts
Introduction of Guests: Fran LaMattina
Greeters: Matt Langford and Carol Peak
Camp ASCCA: Brad Parrish

Camp ASCCA, Alabama
By: Margaret Futch

Camp ASCCA is Alabama's Special Camp for Children and Adults. ASCCA is a nationally recognized leader in therapeutic recreation for children and adults with both physical and mental disabilities. Providing weekend and week long sessions, Camp ASCCA is open year-round.

Visit DothanRotary.com for more info...

Proposed Member
Spencer Dupree...
By: Spencer Dupree

Proposed by: Lit Flowers
Occupation: Aero-One Aviation
Job Title: Director of Operation
Education: Southern Union Community College Business
Place of worship: Wiregrass Church
Hobbies: Golf, Huntin and Fishing

Spencer Dupree will be eligible for membership on 06/03/2024 if no objections are received.

Proposed Member
Kirk Davis...
By: Kirk Davis

Proposed by: Alan Richards
Occupation: Troy University Dothan Campus
Job Title: Professor & COO
Education: Lousiana State University, University of Mississippi, Mississippi State UniversityBA, MA, MS, PhD
Spouse: Regina Robinson Davis
Children: Shane Britton Snider
Place of worship: Catholic-No local churches
Hobbies: Reading, yard work, fishing and golf on rare occasions

Kirk Davis will be eligible for membership on 06/24/2024 if no objections are received.

New Member
Will Gholson...
By: Will Gholson

Joined: 06/03/2024
Occupation: Slingluff United Insurance
Job Title: Insurance Agent
Education: University of Mississippi, Risk Management and Insurance
Place of worship: First United Methodist Church
Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, sports, cooking

Anniversary List
By: Margaret Futch

Jun-21...Gregory Hendrix
Jun-26...Todd Derrick
Jul-05...Robert Ferguson
Jul-07...Jackson Dennis Jr
Jul-08...Charles Buntin, Thomas West
Jul-15...Lester Stewart
Jul-16...Robert Rudder
Jul-18...Shane Sinquefield
Jul-19...Wes Grant

Birthday List
By: Margaret Futch

Jun-25...Lester Stewart
Jun-27...Stone Dupree
Jun-28...Thomas Langford Jr
Jun-30...Adam Dozier
Jul-02...Wayne Palmer
Jul-05...John Brown, James Downs
Jul-06...Linda Young
Jul-10...James Etheredge
Jul-11...Michael Goodman
Jul-14...Walter Hill, Brooks Newell
Jul-15...Thomas West
Jul-20...Demetrius Bogan