Upcoming Events
By: Margaret Futch

12/11/2023 - Senior Citizens Luncheon
Luncheon at National Peanut Festival

12/04/2023 - Dothan Rotary Club Meeting
Program: Lit Flowers, Outlaw Club
Invocation: Stan Sessions
Introduction of Guests: Linda Payton
Greeters: Stephanie Crowe and Chris Dixon
Camp ASCCA: Chis King

Camp ASCCA, Alabama
By: Margaret Futch

Camp ASCCA is Alabama's Special Camp for Children and Adults. ASCCA is a nationally recognized leader in therapeutic recreation for children and adults with both physical and mental disabilities. Providing weekend and week long sessions, Camp ASCCA is open year-round.

Visit DothanRotary.com for more info...

Dothan Rotary Club YouTube Channel/Zoom Link
By: Margaret Futch

Dothan Rotary Club YouTube Channel
Dothan Rotary Club now has a YouTube channel. Meetings will be recorded and placed on our YouTube channel so you can watch meetings online in case you cannot attend the meeting or watch live on Zoom at noon on Mondays. You will also be able to watch other videos relevant to Dothan Rotary Club.
Join via Zoom using this link:
Meeting ID: 821 7753 4867
Dothan Rotary Club - YouTube

Proposed Member
Scott Childers...
By: Sheila Azar

Proposed by: Danny Sharp
Occupation: Southern Home Builders
Job Title: President
Education: Troy Social Science/ Ed Leadership
Spouse: Charla
Children: Ella Brooke Myla Nate
Place of worship: Baptist

Scott Childers will be eligible for membership on 11/27/2023 if no objections are received.

Anniversary List
By: Margaret Futch

Dec-27...Mike Azar
Dec-29...Arthur Gardner
Dec-14...William Shealy, Mark Smith
Dec-23...Harold Edwards
Dec-27...Sheila Azar
Dec-01...Donald Rikard
Dec-23...Terry Duffie
Dec-28...Andy Gosselin
Dec-17...Nathan Wallace
Dec-30...Adam Roberson
Dec-20...Collins White
Dec-29...Belinda Mitchell
Dec-19...Ryland Everett
Dec-16...Dennis Coe

Birthday List
By: Margaret Futch

Dec-06...Edgar Malone
Dec-12...Joseph Johnson
Dec-13...David Hanks
Dec-14...Samuel Prim
Dec-11...Sam Casey
Dec-18...Dean Mitchell
Dec-30...Josh Chapman
Dec-17...Aaron McCreight
Dec-29...Charles Buntin
Dec-11...Ryland Everett
Dec-12...Michael Threatt
Dec-27...Chris Dixon