Upcoming Events
By: Margaret Futch

08/21/2023 - Dothan Rotary Meeting
Program: Jeff Koch, Chick-fil-A
Invocation: David Hanks
Introduction of Guests: Sean Gibson
Greeters: Brad Parrish and Linda Payton
Camp ASCCA: Chris Dixon
Upcoming Programs:
09/04/2023 Labor Day - No Meeting
10/23/2023 - White Elephant Sale

Camp ASCCA, Alabama
By: Margaret Futch

Camp ASCCA is Alabama's Special Camp for Children and Adults. ASCCA is a nationally recognized leader in therapeutic recreation for children and adults with both physical and mental disabilities. Providing weekend and week long sessions, Camp ASCCA is open year-round.

Visit DothanRotary.com for more info...

Dothan Rotary Club YouTube Channel/Zoom Link
By: Margaret Futch

Dothan Rotary Club YouTube Channel
Dothan Rotary Club now has a YouTube channel. Meetings will be recorded and placed on our YouTube channel so you can watch meetings online in case you cannot attend the meeting or watch live on Zoom at noon on Mondays. You will also be able to watch other videos relevant to Dothan Rotary Club.
Join via Zoom using this link:
Meeting ID: 821 7753 4867
Dothan Rotary Club - YouTube

Purple Pinkie Donut Project
By: Margaret Futch

Our club sold 335 boxes of donuts and donated $63,187.50 to the End Polio Now campaign. Thank you to all Rotarians who so generously participated. If you were not able to participate, you can still make a donation- a $25 donation will contribute $75 for Polio Plus to eradicate polio that will expire Tuesday, October 31, 2023!! Please go to the following website to make a donation - https://raise.rotary.org/PurplePinkieDonuts/fundraiser328. Please enter our Club Number 4071 so that we can receive credit- also don't forget to enter your Rotary ID so that you receive credit for Paul Harris. We still have time to make 100% club participation- let's end 2023 End Polio Now Campaign strong and ensure we do our part to eradicate such a crippling illness!

New Member
Nick Oliver...
By: Nick Oliver

Joined: 07/24/2023
Proposed by: Josh Chapman
Classification: Insurance
Occupation: Amwins Access Insurance Services, LLC
Job Title: Executive Vice President
Spouse: Laura Oliver
Children: Davis OliverBarrett Oliver
Hobbies: Golf, Sports, Traveling

New Member
Stephanie Crowe...
By: Stephanie Crowe

Joined: 08/07/2023
Proposed by: Paul Lee
Classification: Accountant
Occupation: Wiregrass Rehabilitation Center, Inc
Job Title: Managing Director
Education: Auburn University, BS in Business Administration (Accounting), Certified Public Accountant
Spouse: Kevin A Crowe
Children: Shanda Lee Ann Crowe
Place of worship: Covenant Methodist
Hobbies: Auburn Football, reading, movies

Anniversary List
By: Margaret Futch

Sep-06...Joseph Johnson
Aug-23...Margaret Futch
Aug-31...Donna Thomley
Sep-17...Lynn Miley
Sep-13...Bob Caputo
Aug-24...Rosemary McKibben
Aug-23...Chris Lasseter
Sep-13...Tanner Shelley
Aug-22...Lawrence Johnson
Sep-09...William Speigner

Birthday List
By: Margaret Futch

Sep-03...Gregory Hendrix
Sep-13...William Gregory
Sep-15...Sheila Azar
Sep-05...Jerry Adkinson
Sep-16...Mary Beth Meadows
Sep-05...Chris Pruitt
Sep-04...Rosemary McKibben
Sep-09...Cal Whaley
Sep-02...Adam Williams
Aug-18...J Maddox
Aug-24...Katherine Mele
Aug-27...Jason Jackson