Upcoming Events
By: Sheila Azar

05/09/2022 - Upcoming Events
White Elephant Sale at Rotary Hall at 6

Dothan Rotary Club Meeting May 9, 2022/White Elephant Sale
By: Sheila Azar

Reminder, the Dothan Rotary Club will not meet today. We will meet tonight at Rotary Hall at 6 for the White Elephant Sale. We will have a meal together, there will be silent auction items and live auction items.

White Elephant Sale
By: Sheila Azar

Fellow Rotarians,
Since things have been a little crazy the last couple of years and we have several new members, I thought we should send out some reminders of our White Elephant Sale. First and foremost, please remember this is the only main fundraiser we do on a regular basis as a club. This fundraiser is held in order to support any capital improvements and needs that the Wiregrass Rehabilitation Center facilities may have. They depend heavily on us. With that said, here are a few things to keep in mind:
1) Each member is charged with an overall financial commitment of $300. $100 for the reverse raffle ticket and then the other $200 is allotted to the item you donate for the auction and the item you purchase during the auction. You may donate an item with a value of $200. That covers your commitment on both. Members who are not able to make it to the auction may choose to just write a donation check for $200 or more, and that’s fine too. However you get to that other $200 is up to each member.

2) Your White Elephant Sale tickets ($20 for you and a guest) will be on your next Rotary bill, as well as the Raffle ticket charge.
3) PLEASE INVITE OTHERS! The bigger crowd we have, the better our chances are for raising more money. Tickets are $10 each and you may choose to pay for your guest that night or have it added to your bill. Heather will be at the entrance taking that information.
Lastly, come with a giving attitude. We all know the last couple of years have been rough so let’s show WRC all the love we can!
Thank you all for what you do and what you will do!!

White Elephant Sale
By: Sheila Azar

Dear Rotarians,Enjoyed seeing many of you at the Spring Picnic this pastMonday night, wonderful, fun event, the music, food, and bingo all created a very entertaining evening at the beautiful Dothan Area Botanical Gardens. My thanks to everyone who worked to make that event a success.We have another fantastic event coming up shortly, our White Elephant Sale will beMonday, May 9that Rotary Hallat 6:00 pm. For our new Rotarians, this is the major fundraiser to show our support for the Wiregrass Rehab Center and all of the great things they do to help others in our community. Every member is expected to bring a gift for the auction of a value of $100.00 or more. These will go into a silent auction and you will have the opportunity to bid on items that you are interested in at the event. Each member is also asked to purchase an item or items valued at $100 or more.With the event just being just 2 weeks away. Cards have been passed out at the past couple of Rotary events that have your information on them that are to be attached to the gift when you drop it off. The remainder of the cards that were not picked up are in the mail and you should have those within the next couple of days. In the event you don’t have your card, please write your name and the value on the gift, so we’ll know who to apply the gift to. If you have already selected your gift, please bring it to Rotary Hallon May 2, so that we can start organizing for the event. We’ll still accept gifts before the event on the day ofMay 9th, in the event you don’t have one selected yet. Please take your gifts to Rotary Hall and give to an employee of the WRC and they will make sure the gifts get to the right place.If you have any questions, please give me a call at334-790-8524.Thanks for your help in making this another great Rotary event!Sincerely,Greg Gregory

Camp ASCCA, Alabama
By: Willis Smitherman

Camp ASCCA is Alabama's Special Camp for Children and Adults. ASCCA is a nationally recognized leader in therapeutic recreation for children and adults with both physical and mental disabilities. Providing weekend and week long sessions, Camp ASCCA is open year-round.

Visit DothanRotary.com for more info...

Dothan Rotary Club YouTube Channel
By: Margaret Futch

Dothan Rotary Club now has a YouTube channel. Meetings will be recorded and placed on our YouTube channel so you can watch meetings online in case you cannot attend the meeting or watch live on Zoom at noon on Mondays. You will also be able to watch other videos relevant to Dothan Rotary Club.

Visit DothanRotary.com for more info...

District 6880 Disaster Response - Ukraine Crisis
By: Gregory Hendrix

Fellow Rotarians:

Today, Rotary District 6880 has committed to supporting Rotary's Disaster Response Fund, which has prioritized Rotary districts impacted by the Ukraine crisis, in the amount of $50,000.00. These funds come from our District's existing District Designated Funds.

When Rotarians, in District 6880, donate to the Rotary Annual Fund, 50% of these dollars come back 3 years later to the district in the form of District Designated Grants. In addition to funding local club projects, dollars are used to support many Rotary Global Grants as well as Polio Plus. This is why it is so important for all Rotarians to support the Rotary Foundation.

There are so many needs in this world, but the Ukraine crisis has truly touched all our hearts.

I ask each of my fellow Rotarians in District 6880 to seriously consider donating towards this unparalleledcrisis. With your help, we can make a difference.

You can donate directly to Rotary Foundation’s Disaster Response Fund.

The link to begin thedonationprocess is: Disaster Response Fund | My Rotary

Please note: contributions toRotary’s Disaster Response Fundmade through30 April 2022will be prioritized for districts impacted by theUkraine crisis. Funds not granted to impacted districts for that purpose by 30 June 2022 will then be available to any Rotary districts for Disaster Response grants.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial consideration.

Proposed Member
Chris Jackson...
By: Chris Jackson

Proposed by: Josh Chapman
Classification: Non-profit
Occupation: C-12
Job Title: Chair
Spouse: Shannon
Children: Will, Ben, Cooper, Jake, Noah, Greg
Place of worship: Baptist
Hobbies: Outdoors

Chris Jackson will be eligible for membership on 05/16/2022 if no objections are received.

Proposed Member
Mark Krystyn...
By: Mark Krystyn

Proposed by: Jack Collier
Classification: Financial Planning
Occupation: Edward Jones Investments
Job Title: Financial Advisor
Education: Auburn University, Enterprise State CC, Bachelor of Science Agronomy and Soils
Spouse: Sara Krystyn
Place of worship: Covenant UMC
Hobbies: Golf, Hiking, reading, dogs, travel

Mark Krystyn will be eligible for membership on 05/23/2022 if no objections are received.

Anniversary List
By: Sheila Azar

May-11...Meredith Flowers
May-15...Paul Swanson
May-21...Seth Brooks
May-26...George Flowers
May-29...Stephanie Walker
Jun-02...Daniel Tew
Jun-03...Douglas Blankenship
Jun-05...J. Wayne Palmer, Samuel Prim, John Watson
Jun-07...Adam Dozier
Jun-08...Adam Hall

Birthday List
By: Sheila Azar

May-10...Andy Gosselin
May-12...Steven Holloman
May-13...Donald Rikard
May-24...Arthur Gardner, Arthur Morris, Ben Slingluff
May-25...Bob Caputo
May-28...Adel Goodwin
May-29...Kevin Horne
Jun-06...Jason Rudd